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Wellness tips for quarantine - Tom is care experienced and shares his own thoughts.


Tom is 25 and care experienced. He has come up with 20 tips and this blog contains the first 10.


1. Stick to a routine. Go to sleep and wake up at a reasonable time. Write yourself a new schedule if it will help and include time for hobbies and self- care.

2. Dress for the social event that you want, not the social life you have. Get showered and dressed in comfortable clothes and don't forget to brush your teeth. Maybe take a bath if you can or pamper yourself with a facial. Put on some bright colours, it is amazing how our dress can impact our mood.

3. Get out once a day and try less travelled streets and avenues. If you are isolating due to having symptoms or because you have an underlying health condition, open a window and get some fresh air. It is amazing how much fresh air can do for the spirit.

4. Find some time to move each day. If you don’t feel comfortable going outside, there are many YouTube videos that offer free movement classes, and if all else fails turn on your music and have a dance party!

5. Reach out to others daily. Try to do FaceTime, Skype, phone calls, texting - connect with other people to seek and provide support.

6. Stay hydrated and eat well. This may seem obvious, but stress and eating often don’t mix well. We can find ourselves overindulging, forgetting to eat or avoiding food. So try to drink plenty of water, eat some nutritious foods and perhaps challenge yourself to learn to cook something new!

7. Develop a self-care toolkit. The content will be different for everyone. Think about all your senses; touch, taste, sight, hearing, smell and add two more around movement and comfortable pressure.

Here are some ideas;

  • a soft blanket or stuffed animal

  • hot chocolate

  • photos of happy times

  • comforting music

  • an essential oil like lavender or eucalyptus

  • a weighted blanket/heavy duvet

  • making a journal of this time or download an app to help

  • read a new book

  • try some mindful colouring

  • blow watercolour on paper as it can be visually appealing

  • work on controlling your breath

8. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. A lot of cooped up time can bring the worst out in us all. Each person will have moments when they will not be at their best. It is important to not show up to every argument you are invited to, try not to hold grudges and let disagreements go. Everyone is doing their best to make it through this.

9. Everyone finds their own retreat space. Space is at a premium, particularly in towns and more so in cities. It is important that people think through their own space and consider having a comfortable retreat when they are stressed.

10. Self-acceptance. It's tough right now. Accept everything about yourself, your current situation and your life without question, blame or push-back.


Tom will share tips 11-20 in his next blog. Let us know if any of these work for you.

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