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Mashed, jacket or spicy wedges? The good old spud is a very versatile cupboard staple.

Guest blogger and chef Aaron, shows us 3 different ways to use potatoes. They are always handy to have in as they are affordable, filling and quite comforting too.


Are you a fan of creamy mash? Great with sausages, veg and lashings of gravy! Aaron uses a sieve in his recipe to get a really fine and creamy result. You can of course use a masher and a spoon or spatula to get it as smooth as possible. If you don't have any cream, you can use milk and butter instead ~ and don't forget to season it.

Watch how to make mashed potatoes here:


Are you a jacket potato fan instead? What is your favourite topping? Baked beans and cheese is always a winner and feels very comforting in the belly. Perhaps you like to keep it simple with a bit of butter and have it on the side of your meal, for example, with some meat or vegetables.

This video shows how to get a crispy skin using an oven. You can also cook your jacket potatoes in a microwave, it will just mean the skin doesn't crisp the same as it does in the oven.

Take a look at the jacket potato video here:


Or perhaps these spiced wedges are for you instead? We've heard they are really great and the spiced mayo dip to go with them sounds delicious. This straight forward recipe will show you how to make wedges with a bit of spice and flavour. Super easy with a bit of vegetable or sunflower oil and a mix of affordable spices from the supermarket. Cook until crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside - approx 20-30 mins in an oven heated around 180°-200°. Keep an eye on them to work out the best temperature and time for your own oven, depending on the size of your wedges.

Watch the wedges video here:


Happy cooking and don't forget to send us some pics :-)

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