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No Book, Just Cook - Bio Intro from Aaron.



Hi, my name's Aaron and I am from Dorchester. I am 18 and I have completed my L3 apprenticeship to become a chef. I now work as a commis chef and live in London, specialising in a fish restaurant. I continue to learn every day in my job and when I have more experience, I will look to become a chef de partie.

I was unable to carry on working when all the restaurants shut due to Coronavirus, so returned to Dorchester. I was looking for positive ways to use my skills and my time and was asked by the charity if I could make some videos for young adults, my age.

During a time when we are all having to be careful with our money and some foods are less available, I chose to share some basic cooking tips using foods that are both available and affordable.

You can watch my bio here:

Happy cooking :-)


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